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General Snowmen List

Make Art And You Change Your World

Bakers Gotta BAKE!

Easily Distracted By Books

Easily Distracted By My Camera

A Day Without My Cell Phone Is Like…Just Kidding, I Have no Idea

Life Is Better With CHICKENS

College Life Equals: Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat

It’s All About My COMPUTER!

Easily Distracted By Cooking!

Life Is Better With COWS

Life Is Better With FLAMINGOS

Life Is Better With FROGS

The Garden Is Calling Me, And I Must Go! 

Life Is Better With GIRAFFES

Just One More Harley…I Promise

Life Is Better With Harry Potter!

Sorry, I Can’t. I Have Plans With My Jeep

I Don’t ALWAYS Knit. Sometimes I Sleep

Life Is Better With LEGOS

Sorry, I Can’t. I Have Plans With My Motorcycle

Life Is Better With PENGUINS

“I Won’t Buy Any More Quilt Fabric ‘Til I Use My Stash At Home!”...Then I Start Laughing

RACE Days Are The BEST Days!

Life Is More Fun In Our RV

Eat. Sleep. SEW. Repeat

Life Is Better With STAR WARS!

Life Is Better With TATTOOS

Livin’ That Theatre Life

Life Is Better With TRAINS

Living That Traveling Life!

Life Is Better With TURTLES

Life Is Better With UNICORNS

Life Is Better With Video Games


Today Is A Good Day To Yell B I N G O!

I Can Quit Going To The Casino Any Time I Want… Let’s Bet On It!


Most. Awesome. Cello Player Here

Most. Awesome. Choir Singer Here

Most. Awesome. Clarinet Player Here

Most. Awesome. Drummer Here      

Most. Awesome. Flute Player Here   

Most. Awesome. French Horn Player Here  

Most. Awesome. Guitar Player Here 

Most. Awesome. Marching Band Player Here

Music Is The Voice Of The Soul

Most. Awesome. Orchestra Player Here

Most. Awesome. Piano Player Here

Most. Awesome. Saxophone Player Here

Most. Awesome. Singer Here

Most. Awesome. Trombone Player Here

Most. Awesome. Trumpet Player Here

Most. Awesome. Tuba Player Here

Most. Awesome. Violin Player Here

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